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I’d like to introduce you to The  Loveland Over Fifty Meetup Group. It is open to anyone in the city of Loveland and the surrounding 5-mile radius of over the age of 50. The Loveland Over Fifty Group’s goal is to  enrich the lives of local residents over 50 by offering opportunities for fun social events, lifelong learning and interaction within the community. We’re 67 Members strong… Join us!

Here is the latest event we are going to attend:

Holiday Open House at Deidre Dyson’s Art and Studio Gallery

Monday, December 12,   4-6:30 PM

Deirdre Dyson is a prolific Loveland artist, working primarily in the genre of landscape painting. She concentrates on, but is not restricted to, oil paintings of outdoor scenes and buildings using vibrant color and color harmonies. Her overall intent is to bring the viewer some of the joy that she feels as she explores the world around her, and represents in her artwork.

*Deirdre will give visitors an insight into her creative process 
*WIne and cheese will be served 
*Browse at leisure thru her galleries with a glass of wine 
*Over 150 completed and framed paintings depict her wide variety of subject,   styles and colors.  
*You can also see works in progress 

When possible, Deirdre starts work on site, believing there is no substitute for directly confronting her subject. She may make preliminary notebook sketches but never draws on the canvas prior to painting, instead blocks in major shapes and lines with local color and large brush strokes. Works are frequently completed on the same day “en plein air” or by revisiting the location, layering color on color and refining shapes, texture and detail. This is how she captures such vibrancy in her work. Back in the studio she may complete a piece from memory, or with photographs for referencing details but not for color balance.

Please come join us on a special invitation to the Loveland Over Fifty Group to her holiday studio gallery visit and have an opportunity see Deidre’s work and work in progress .  You will have an opportunity to chat with Deidre and and understand her passion for her work.  The holidays are just around the corner and one of her paintings would make an excellent gift!

Read more about Deirdre Dyson.

                                         Deidre’s Winter Landscape


The intent of this group is to form friendships and bond within the group. I would like to form a “tribe” within the community where we can all share common interests and goals that lead to friendships.  That is why I am limiting the zip code radius within 5 miles of Loveland.

I would like to form a “tribe” within the community where we can all share common interests and goals that lead to friendships.

Today’s 50 is not your Grandpa’s Fifty. Fifty is the time for creating new ideas, friendships, activities and volunteer opportunities. Do you want to travel? Let’s find some places to go! Do you want to find some new interests? Let’s find some new educational or others class opportunities!  Do you have extra time and would like to volunteer? There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available for you to lend you talent. Loveland and the surrounding area has a great historic downtown, great nature sites, a new bustling expansion of the local downtown, wonderful artisans, sporting opportunities, and a new place for the farmer’s market. Come explore with us and see what the city of Loveland and the surrounding area has to offer while making new friends!

We’re 82 Members FUN… Join us!




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