by Bruce Hawk,

The Ohio Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) selected the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department (LSFD) as an awardee of five Samsung/Android tablets.

The advancements in technology have allowed for improvements in the ability or firefighters to document the care that they provide to their customers. Tablets can be utilized to assist in the process of documenting critical patient care more effectively. In addition, tablets can provide valuable information to emergency responders during critical incidents. The ability to decrease the amount of time spent documenting actions allows for an increase of focus to be given to the actual patient care being provided.

Jon Frye, Deputy Chief of Communications and Technology for the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department stated, “These tablets will allow our firefighters to continue to provide the highest quality of care to our customers. LSFD continues to remain on the cutting edge of technology.”

Captain Bruce Hawk is the Public Information Officer of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department

The Loveland-Symmes Fire Department is continuously seeking methods to improve the emergency response capabilities for our EMS. These tablets will directly impact the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department’s ability to effectively document the care we provide to our customers. LSFD continues to adhere to their mission statement, “to provide the most technologically advanced fire and rescue service with the highest trained professionals and to deliver that service to our customers with loyalty and compassion.”

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