[quote_center]Plant Trees on Make a Difference Day[/quote_center]

[quote_center]October 22[/quote_center]

• Plant trees at your home, church, school, business, etc.

• Volunteer to plant trees

• Donate towards the planting of a tree



The Loveland Tree Corps is encouraging people, organizations and businesses to plant trees on Make a Difference Day (MaDD). Trees create a friendly feel within a community, making it a more desirable place to live, work and shop. We are losing many trees to the Emerald Ash borer. Our hope is that a focused effort to get trees planted this MaDD, should help offset that enormous loss.

When you plant a tree, you are investing in the long term beauty and character of Loveland, a true gift for future generations. MaDD is about making your little corner of the world a better place, so join us as we plant trees on Oct. 22.


Join us as we plant trees around Loveland on Oct. 22

We encourage you to plant anywhere and everywhere: your home, church, place of business, local parks/ schools/etc (with permission, of course). Plant to provide shade for pavement that bakes in the summer sun, to shade your house and reduce your summer AC bill, to improve neighborhood property values, for a friend to make them smile, for environmental reasons, or simply for the sheer beauty that trees provide. Whatever your reason, let’s all make our community a little greener on this special day.



Tree Sale

  The Loveland Tree Corps is offering a variety of hardwood trees, in 3 gallon containers for $25 each. They are attractive, hardwood trees that grow well in southwest Ohio. At maturity, each will provide that wonderful, sheltering canopy that encourages outdoor activity. Biological diversity helps prevent wholesale loss of tree cover if a pest or disease hits your area. Therefore, if you are going to plant more than one, a variety of species is recommended.

The available trees are listed on the order form, including some that are appropriate for sites with overhead wires.

Pickup is October 22, 8 AM until 2 PM, at Loveland Magazine, 514 W. Loveland Ave., Loveland, Ohio, 45140 (next to Union Savings Bank, look for signs).

MaDD Tree Planting

  We are organizing tree plantings in the greater Loveland area. The sites have been selected for their high visibility within the community. You can volunteer to help plant trees or donate towards the purchase of the trees.




For additional information:

Cindy Kessler (513-403-1427)


David Miller (513-305-6071)

or email treecorps@cinci.rr.com


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