Loveland, Ohio – Students in PK-8 in the Loveland School District will return to “full in-person” learning beginning Monday, October 12.

Students have been in a “blended” model of attendance which means they have been alternating between in-person and remote learning (activities at home). They will now attend full time 5 days/week.

Some students at all grade levels have not been attending any in-person classes and have enrolled in the District’s Remote Learning Academy.

The current transition plan calls for Loveland High School to return to “full in-person” learning October 26.

There will be no change of schedule for students in the Remote Learning Academy at any grade level.

Loveland Schools COVID-19 Data Update – Summary (Narrative provided by Loveland Schools)

The Loveland City School District is making changes to its weekly reporting of COVID-19 data. The district has been working closely with Hamilton County Public Health (HCPH) to report this data while enforcing HCPH isolation and quarantine orders. 

For the past three weeks, Loveland School District has been posting a COVID-19 weekly update to our website with the number of school cases (positive tests and close contacts that have occurred at school) for that reporting period (each week, Saturday through Friday moving forward) for both students and staff. Community cases (isolation and quarantine orders issued by county boards of health for students and staff who have not been at school within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms, or of a positive test if asymptomatic) have not been included in these data updates for the following reasons:

    1. These cases did not happen at school, and no further exposure would have occurred;

    2. Accuracy of this data is contingent upon reporting to LCSD by those affected, as recommended (not required) by public health departments; and

    3. Public health departments do not report these cases directly to schools which hinders the accuracy and reliability of the data.

Based on parent and community feedback and our commitment to transparency, Loveland Schools will now be including the community cases reported to the district in our weekly COVID-19 update. Beginning September 18, Loveland City School District will begin to report the number of community cases that we are made aware of as of the close of business each Friday. This count of community cases will only include those students and staff who are currently isolated or quarantined. If isolation or quarantine has ended and individuals have returned to school, they will no longer be reported as a community case.

Loveland Schools COVID-19 Data Update (will be revised weekly on Fridays)