Saturday September 1

Home of the Brave Park in Symmes Township, Ohio

Symmes Township, Ohio – On September, 1st, the Loveland Cross Country Men and Women will be hosting the Loveland XC Invitational. The event will be held at Home Of The Brave Park in Symmes Township and will include more than 11 middle school and more than 10 high school teams competing in 8 races. Over 900 local athletes will be in attendance. The course includes a good mix of trails and flat fast fields.

The course was designed and constructed by Loveland parents. More than a decade ago Loveland briefly held meets at Loveland High School, and then for several years ran home meets at Grailville. This “Home Meet” will be the first in several seasons.


2 Mile – Middle School

8:00 am        MS Mens Team (Run 7, Score 5)

8:30 am        MS Womens Team (Run 7, Score 5)

9:00 am        MS Mens Open

9:30 am        MS Womens Open

10:00 am      MS Awards

3.1 Mile – High School

10:30 am      HS Womens Varsity (Run 7, Score 5)

11:00 am      HS Mens Varsity (Run 7, Score 5)

11:30 am      HS Womens Open

12:00 pm      HS Mens Open

12:30 pm      HS Awards

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