Boy loses girl to Zombie King

Loveland’s own Richard Cisneros has launched a Kickstarter campaign to reach final production of his new album, Ukulele Songs from the Zombie Apocalypse

Ukulele Songs from the Zombie Apocalypse, a concept album where boy meets girl, boy loses girl to Zombie King, boy gets girl back. Fun!

Richard says on the campaign page:

It’s all pretty straightforward, the CD itself is ready for a large production run, 500 or more. There are several companies like Oasis Manufacturing and CD Baby that perform this service. Of course I’m looking for the best value. A friend is making the cover art. I’m wanting a four page layout with liner notes and lyrics in black and white, black and white printing on the disc, with a jewel case and clear tray. UPC code is a must too.

There are a lot of ways a CD can look, so what I’m going for is pretty basic… Guess I’m old school like that!

Read on at Richard’s Kickstarter…

Kick in $5 and receive a digital download of the album.

Kick in $10 and received an advanced autographed copy of the disk, a pass to the album release party, and a meet and greet with Richard.



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