Mary Ann Lynn has been a Loveland resident for 21 years and lives in the Huntington neighborhood in Clermont County. (Provided Photo)

by Mary Ann Lynn

Two years ago, unprecedented resident engagement and activism drove sweeping change on Loveland’s City Council. The outcome of that grassroots effort was the removal of three out of the four members of the Fitzgerald-led council majority. In the two years since, we have seen a return to civility, increased resident engagement and terrific progress by the current council majority. On election day, Loveland residents have an opportunity to ensure continued progress and remove the last remnant of the Fitzgerald regime.

Mayor Kathy Bailey has provided smart, effective leadership and a strong voice for the impressive progress seen in our city over the past two years, and she has done so with integrity, approachability, and a steadfast commitment to resident engagement and transparency. She is a regular fixture at downtown businesses and events and embodies all that a public servant and civic leader should be.

Kent Blair was appointed to Loveland City Council by Mayor Bailey to complete Mark Fitzgerald’s term and has proven to be a hard-working and committed servant and with a fresh perspective. Blair asks questions that no one else is asking, challenges the status quo and does so, not out of arrogance, but in an earnest effort to be sure all interests and perspectives are considered at every turn. 

Andy Bateman is the real deal and deserves to win the council seat currently held by Angie Settell. Andy grew up in Loveland and is now starting his family here. He has been serving the Loveland community since 2014 as a volunteer and committee member on a wide array of city and county organizations, including the Loveland Historical Society and the City of Loveland’s Trees and Environment, Historic Preservation and PR/Communications committees. Bateman is smart, knowledgeable, hardworking and committed, and would be a stellar council representative.

Angie Settell may be a name familiar to voters, as she is seeking her third term on Loveland City Council, but I hope name recognition doesn’t land her another term. Settell is the sole remnant of the Mark Fitzgerald council majority and, in my opinion, has behaved like a spoiled child since the 2017 election when her former allies (Fitzgerald, Gross, Zamagias) were voted out or petitioned out of office. Settell has refused to align with the new council majority on major initiatives, yet she is hard-pressed to vote against these efforts that will so clearly benefit our community. As a result, Settell has abstained, recused herself or simply refused to vote on numerous key motions and has missed several council meetings where key votes were taking place. As the saying goes, “row, or get out of the boat.”  Let’s get someone in that council seat who will contribute, collaborate and work toward a brighter future for Loveland. 

Bailey, Blair, and Bateman bring very diverse backgrounds and perspectives to Loveland City Council. What they have in common is a commitment to bring Loveland to its full potential without losing the small-town charm we all love, and to govern in a way that never loses sight of our town’s history and or respect for its residents. Vote for the three Bs on election day!


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