On Oct. 1, a shooter attacked a large crowd attending a country music festival in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more with the use of bump stock-equipped rifles.The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is proposing a rule that would regulate bump stocks and they need YOUR input.

Be part of this life-saving opportunity by leaving your comment in SUPPORT of regulating bump stocks nationwide >>

Mayor John Cranleyby Mayor John Cranley

Dear Loveland Magazine readers,

“Converting guns into weapons of mass destruction should be stopped.”

That’s what I stated in support of an ordinance that banned the possession, use, or sale of bump stocks in Cincinnati — making it the first city in Ohio to do so. After the shooting in Las Vegas, I knew that action was necessary and that bump stocks — the accessories the gunman used to shoot over one thousand rounds of ammunition in mere minutes — had to be removed from our communities. And right now, we have a chance to help make not only Cincinnati, but our entire nation safer.

With an overwhelming majority of Americans calling for bump stocks to be regulated, the ATF is now asking for the public to weigh in on a proposed rule that would make bump stocks illegal. But the gun lobby is already flooding the ATF with comments OPPOSING action on bump stocks, so we need to make sure the ATF hears from you and the majority of Americans who SUPPORT this regulation RIGHT NOW.

I’m doing what I can to prevent a tragedy like Las Vegas from happening in Cincinnati and together, we can work to make our entire country safer. Leave a comment in SUPPORT of a regulation that would prohibit bump stocks right now.



The shooter was able to effectively convert his rifles into machine guns because of bump stocks. The ordinance to ban bump stocks is an important step to make the city of Cincinnati safer, and we have a chance to make our entire country safer from gun violence. But it requires you to leave a comment: It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, just say why you’re in support of regulating bump stocks.

Thank you for taking part in this life-saving opportunity.

John Cranley, Mayor
City of Cincinnati
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  1. A bump stock is basically a spring loaded stock. The gun bounces itself against your finger. You have no control over aim. It’s only good for spraying wildly, which is what guys who want to look macho do at the firing range. They imagine they’re firing a fully automatic rifle, like Rambo, but they are not.

    Anyone who thinks banning such a novelty firearm accessory is an important public safety achievement is just fooling themselves, and probably some percentage of their constituency.

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