Walking the cobblestones and smelling the devastation was chilling

by Melissa Wolf – May 30, 2017

I moved to Loveland in July 2005 and instantly fell in love with Downtown. Every building was full of history and charm. Whether it was having dinner at Paxton’s the night before leaving for my Honeymoon, Friday night dinner with friends at The Works, or a leisurely walk down the Bike Trail, every trip was a memory.

That’s what made waking up to yesterday’s terrible news so jarring. The images on the news and on social media did not do the damage justice. Walking the cobblestones today and smelling the devastation was chilling. As difficult as it was to see, smell and hear the destruction, it was equally as uplifting to hear everyone walking down the sidewalk next to me or sitting on the benches telling wonderful stories of great times spent in these wonderful buildings.

These buildings may be burned and damaged, but their stories live on and the love of this amazing community will bring them back.

Downtown Loveland Fire 2017


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