Mike Dunlap is a Loveland High School teacher, soccer coach, and father of Delany Dunlap

by Mike Dunlap

Cassie, thank you for choosing Delaney and doing a wonderful job with the article. (11 Year Old Local is “Tumbling” into a Bright Future!

Click to watch the interview Cassie Mattia did with Delaney Dunlap

My Mom, her grandma, had to talk me off the ledge when we found out about her condition 5 months before she was born. I was beside myself with thoughts of my child not fitting in, or being made fun of, or not doing what other kids can do… and all my Mom kept saying was, “She will be awesome, she will inspire others”. I brushed it off as Mom speak – don’t know why I did that since she was right most of the time, but I did. I do see now what she meant..

Delaney is strong-willed and independent and I couldn’t be more proud watching her have a conversation with you about it.

It really is a testament to this community, her friends, and her teachers just to name a few, who have nurtured her growth along the way.

Thanks again to you and David Miller for stepping out and showcasing what makes Loveland such a great place to live.


Read the full story about why Delaney Dunlap is in Loveland’s DNA…

11 Year Old Local is “Tumbling” into a Bright Future!




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