[quote_center]How to Raise Girls to Be Authentic, Resilient, and Joyful: what your daughter needs you to know[/quote_center]

Relax and talk with other mothers at Moms’ Connection seminars at Wildflower House. You’ll gain insights and strategies that you can use right away — and meet some awesome women in the process.

Mother and daughter in autumnWhen: Thursday, October 13, 7-8 PM

Where: Wildflower House, 111 N. Wall St.; Loveland, OH  45140

Cost: Complimentary seminar — but registration is required 

To Register: Email franhendrick@franhendrick.com or call 677-9800 (area code 513)

In this complimentary Moms’ Connection seminar at Wildflower House, Fran Hendrick, PCC, author of Raising Joyful Rebels: A Guide for Moms, will share the fundamentals of how to confidently spot the opportunities in the small moments of everyday life to inspire girls to be real, be strong, and be happy.

The statistics on depression and self-harm in girls and women today in this country demand our attention. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, a whopping 17.3% of girls ages 12-17 have experienced a major depressive episode, along with 8.2% of adult women.  It has even been estimated that girls’ self-esteem, their greatest protection against depression, peaks (yes, peaks) before they are ten years old!

Fran Hendrick PCC
Fran Hendrick

And what makes this all the more unacceptable is that it is largely preventable! We have the knowledge to raise girls to feel whole, adequate, and joyful so they experience the world confidently and in bright colors. The knowledge exists to protect our girls from depression, from lifelong battles against feeling not good enough, from desperation – in short, to prevent rivers of tears and needless pain.

But for parents to actually be able to implement that knowledge in the small moments that make up everyday life with children requires a clear approach, intentional action — and a strong dose of self-reflection, because it can be scary. With that investment, our girls can be spared the lifetime of depression and anxiety that so many women experience. They can joyfully become exactly who they’re meant to be.

[pull_quote_right]You’ll come away with fun and energizing strategies that you can implement immediately to nurture your daughter’s “joyful rebel” — and strengthen your precious mother-daughter relationship, too.[/pull_quote_right]This seminar is appropriate for moms of girls of all ages. You’ll hear about:

  • Five simple things you can do that will build your daughter’s self-esteem and strengthen your relationship with her.
  • Five ways that you may be unintentionally silencing your daughter’s voice (and maybe your own, too)
  • 3 Powerful Roles that parents play in raising confident, joyful daughters
  • A new spin on leadership and peer pressure — and how to develop your daughter’s ability to think for herself.
  • Discovering your own “joyful rebel” — and why this is so important to the girls in your life.

You’ll come away with fun and energizing strategies that you can implement immediately to nurture your daughter’s “joyful rebel” — and strengthen your precious mother-daughter relationship, too.

To Register: Email franhendrick@franhendrick.com or call 677-9800 (area code 513)


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Learn more about Fran Hendrick and her Wildflower House in the West Loveland Historic District in Loveland, Ohio.





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