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“My Voice, My Choice”student recognition for creating a culture of kindness at Loveland

Loveland, Ohio – “My Voice, My Choice” is a Loveland District student recognition program where teachers and staff nominate students who, “contribute to a more compassionate culture at their school through their good deeds and kind words.” The program is focused on creating a positive school climate by encouraging students to “stand up for their peers” in both words and actions. It is an anti-bullying initiative.

The honorees are typically brought to half-court or the 50-yard line at a varsity basketball or football game so they can be given a certificate and be held in high esteem before a large crowd.

This Spring, because of all of the many COVID 19 changes in the practices of the District, the awards were announced at last night’s “Zoom/YouTube” Board meeting when a video that was produced by high school counselor and Chair of the program Jamie Gordon was “Zoomed” for people who had tuned in to watch the meeting.

Because the meeting was only available to viewers in “real-time” while the meeting was taking place, Loveland Magazine brings it to you so the students and their parents can now watch it at their leisure and share it with friends and family. The District deletes their meeting videos as soon as they are adjourned.

During the meeting there was also discussion about the students before and after the video was shown. That discussion is also now available because LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV captured the meeting and it is now archived. You can watch the entire Board meeting HERE on our Facebook Page or see just the “My Voice, My Choice” discussion at 1:08 minute of our video.

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