by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – The “Loveland” Little Miami Bike Trail offers something for everyone. Whether you like to ride bikes, eat at authentic family-owned restaurants, shop at vintage antique shops, or drink locally handcrafted beers, the bike trail in Loveland allows everyone to enjoy doing what they love to do. Historic downtown has been quickly transforming into a place where families and friends can come and have a vacation like experience in their own backyard. We at Loveland Magazine call it, “The Staycation Resort of Southwest Ohio”. Naturally, business owners have recognized this about downtown Loveland, brought their own businesses into the historic area, and this is why it is thriving.

Bringing to Loveland the delicious snacks that she has made for her family for so many years is the vision she has for her new shop!

Over the past couple of years, downtown Loveland has seen several family-owned businesses plant their feet right in the heart of downtown making the area that much more unique. As new and exciting businesses continue to join the historic downtown area businesses coming in looking to join the area have realized in order to thrive now in the area you have to offer something unique. Finding that particular “niche” the community doesn’t know it needs but in all actuality wants is how new businesses are making a name for themselves. Coming in sweet, salty and always fresh the “Loveland” Little Miami Bike Trail introduces to you the community of Loveland, “Trailside Provisions.”

What’s that lingering scent on the Loveland Little Miami Bike Trail? I’m not talking about the delicious smell of brunch or even something sweet like the scent of beautiful Fall leaves, I’m talking something savory. The smell of something buttery, caramelized and decadent led me to a new business right off the Loveland bike trail where “Plaid Room Records” used to call home. “Trailside Provisions,” just opened their doors to the community on Saturday, November 16th and let me tell you the shop’s lingering smells are bringing people in to see what the new “mom and pop” shop is all about!

Check out the handcrafted Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts and Triple Dipped Malted Milk Balls at “Trailside Provisions”

Vickie Larcomb, began her journey in historic downtown Mason, Ohio at a shop very similar to the concept of Trailside Provisions called “Main Street Sweets and Popcorn.” Larcomb shared that she always had a passion for cooking whether it was creating a whole new “treat,” like the peanut butter caramel popcorn or sticking to more traditional “provisions,” such as the chocolate malted milk balls (and yes they are TRIPLE DIPPED in chocolate), she always enjoyed creating! After much success with her family-run business, Main Street Sweets and Popcorn, Larcomb knew that the shop concept was something that could be used in places similar to downtown Mason. Larcomb said she had heard about the historic downtown Loveland area and all the wonderful growth and development the area had been experiencing. She immediately recognized the similarities between Mason’s downtown area and Loveland’s downtown area and began to think of a “niche” that would fit right into the historic downtown Loveland culture. That’s when the Trailside Provisions concept was born!

“Trailside Provisions” offers gourmet Pancake Mix Kits, decadent Maple Syrup, and a unique snack called Maple Wafers!

Larcomb thought why not keep the concept of Main Street Sweets and Popcorn, but add a little “trailside” flare to it as the location she had her eye on was right off the Loveland bike trail. Larcomb brought the idea to her family and from there Larcomb and her family established a new home for their business, Trailside Provisions. After months of planning, building, and creating Larcomb says she can’t wait to see how the community responds to the new shop!

Owner, Vickie Larcomb, makes a fresh batch of buttered popcorn something she does daily! Yes, that popcorn is as big as it looks!

So just what is this new shop off the bike trail all about? Well for starter’s Larcomb’s husband, Ron, handcrafted all of the store’s fixtures, giving each guest that comes in quite the woodsy, trail-like experience. On top of getting treated to the top-notch interior architectural ambiance, guests also get to enjoy the aroma of fresh buttery popcorn being made right there in the shop as they walk around. Trailside Provisions, of course, offers a number of unique, whole made goods, but what really sets this shop apart is the gourmet popcorn. From caramel with pecans to caramel with peanuts to cinnamon toast caramel, Trailside Provisions has a popcorn combination for everyone not to mention the shop makes their “original” caramel, cheese, and butter popcorns fresh every day. Eat it in the shop, while walking the trail, or take it home for movie night or your next party.

Husband and wife, Vickie and Don, organizing their “sweet” provisions on shelving handcrafted by Don

Larcomb and her family’s shop doesn’t just stop at popcorn, it also sells a variety of Cook Tavern Soup mixes, seasoning and marinade kits, homemade vanilla marshmallows, bagged and freshly brewed coffee, and other “provisional” snacks such as pretzels and chocolate almonds. Oh, and did I mention Larcomb handcrafts all of these sweet and salty treats herself?! I asked Larcomb why she enjoys cooking so much and she said that cooking for her loved ones has always been something she has enjoyed. Larcomb explained that being able to provide the community of Loveland with the delicious snacks that she has made for her family for so many years is quite frankly the vision she has for her new shop!

So what are you waiting for Loveland? Bike, walk, or jog on down to Trailside Provisions, a shop where you will be sure to get the Loveland “trailside” experience!

Trailside Provisions (Facebook) is located on the East side of the Brown Building at 120 Karl Brown Way in Historic Downtown Loveland off the Little Miami Bike Trail. Trailside Provisions is open 10 a.m to 8 p.m Tuesday through Thursday, 10 a.m to 9 p.m Friday and Saturday, and 12 p.m to 5 p.m on Sundays.

Columnist Cassia Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland. She is the Associate Editor of Loveland Magazine.

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