Every non-profit, place of worship, or charity needs to follow these guidelines to receive FREE or reduced rate advertising or promotion in Loveland Magazine.

Advertising is crucial for a successful community event or fund raiser. If you don’t have enough money to pay for advertising Loveland Magazine can help, however, we must receive something in return. Your return is to prominently recognize and promote Loveland Magazine as your “Media Sponsor” before, during, and after your event.

Applying early broadens our effectiveness in publicizing your event and lessons your cost.

What do you receive?

Loveland Magazine is prepared to provide your non- profit, place of worship, or charity with free or deeply discounted advertising.

What is your obligation?

Your organization will provide Loveland Magazine with logo recognition in print materials and on websites, priority access such as the first crack at interviews, backstage access, or other perks non-sponsors don’t receive. The Loveland Magazine logo will appear in press releases and event programs. You will plaster the Loveland Magazine logo on tee-shirts, print materials, signage and banners, and your emcee will heap praises on Loveland Magazine on event day. We will receive tickets to the event and reserved tables at the event.

What Media Sponsorship is NOT

Loveland Magazine does not provide editorial coverage. We may be motivated to cover your event or organization as a result of our business relationship with you, however, your sponsorship agreement is with the advertising department, not the editorial side of Loveland Magazine. Loveland Magazine being your “exclusive media sponsor”, does not mean other news outlets will not be welcome to attend and cover your event.

One more note

Our sponsorship is a financial transaction, not a gift or in- kind support from Loveland Magazine to your organization. You are doing business with Loveland Magazine, and we don’t look at you as a charity, even though you may be a registered charity. This is a business opportunity and both parties can expect something in return.

How to apply for FREE advertising

Please do this during your very early planning and not as an afterthought. The benefit to your organization is that you will receive more publicity the earlier both parties come to an agreement on what each will receive in return. If you approach the date of your event and advertising or promotion in Loveland Magazine is a mere afterthought it benefits neither party and you may be asked at the late date to pay our normal advertising rate.

Send an email to lovelandmagazine@cinci.rr.com with the who, why, where, and what – and a description of what your organization is offering in return for FREE or reduced rate advertising.

Loveland Magazine retains the right to reject any and all advertising inquiries.


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