Submit a Remembrance or Announcement

An obituary is a treasured memorial to honor a life as well as to inform the Loveland Area of a death. It’s a permanent ‘on-line” tribute anyone can visit, whenever we’re moved to cherish those memories. Publishing an obituary online in the LOCAL newspaper means maximizing the audience of people who have some connection to the person who died. Genealogy research depends on newspaper obituaries to discover family history. Whether you wish to submit a short death notice or publish a longer obituary, here are the steps you will need to take.
Your remembrance or announcement will be published for a flat fee of $75.
Please submit what you want to be published in the body of an e-mail to and attach a photo in .jpg format. You may submit up to two photos. You may submit payment with a Credit Card, Pay Pal or check. You will be given payment instructions. Don’t forget to include any links you want included such as what Funeral Home is caring for your loved one, driving directions, or where memorial gifts should be sent.* *Before publishing an obituary, we must verify your loved one’s passing. Please send us information about who is caring for their burial, cremation, or medical donation.

Here are the latest Obituaries and Memorials from the Loveland, Ohio Area

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