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Our local governments and schools should adopt a policy to follow on Air Quality Advisory Days


Our local governments and schools should adopt a policy to follow on Air Quality Advisory Days

by David Miller,

Our region and especially the City of Loveland like to boast about our natural surroundings and the quality of life in our quaint river communities.

Now is the time for our schools and governments to adopt common sense practices and do our part to reduce the air pollution they produce on days when the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency issues an Air Quality Advisory.

The Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency can assist with customizing a plan.

Let’s be leaders and innovators in protecting our environment!


Create an action plan for Air Quality Advisory days

When the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency issues an Air Quality Alert, key employees or administrators will immediately issue an internal communication, an “Air Alert Advisory” to all employees.  Here is where you can sign up for the advisories: EnviroFlash.

Outdoor Activities 


Vehicle Policy

Outdoor Fires

What Else Should Be Done?

* “Children face special risks from air pollution because their lungs are growing and because they are so active.”

“Just like the arms and legs, the largest portion of a child’s lungs will grow long after he or she is born. Eighty percent of their tiny air sacs develop after birth. Those sacs, called the alveoli, are where the life-sustaining transfer of oxygen to the blood takes place. The lungs and their alveoli aren’t fully grown until children become adults.1 In addition, the body’s defenses that help adults fight off infections are still developing in young bodies.2 Children have more respiratory infections than adults, which also seems to increase their susceptibility to air pollution.”

Read more: Focusing on Children a resource guide from the American Lung Association.


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