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“Pandemic Preparedness and Planning” reports for Loveland Intermediate School

Loveland, Ohio – Here are the “Pandemic Preparedness and Planning” reports for the Loveland Intermediate School that were obtained through a public records request to the District.

Loveland Magazine asked the Superintendent to provide Loveland Magazine with the report “Pandemic Preparedness and Planning” that LJB Inc. prepared for the District. LJB was awarded a contract in July for $66,250 for “Pandemic Preparedness and Planning” services. The report was prepared under the previous CDC definition of “close contact”.

Here is what was prepared for the Loveland Middle School


DRAFT Deliverable R0119763A LIS

0119763A LIS Cafeteria

LIS General Classroom Room Controls-Procedures

LIS Art Room Controls-Procedures

LIS Boys Restroom Room Controls-Procedures

LIS Girls Restroom Room Controls-Procedures

LIS Cafeteria Room Controls-Procedures

LIS Gym Room Controls-Procedures

LIS Visit Summary and Photo Reference

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