Loveland, Ohio – City Manager Dave Kennedy announced last Friday that the city received notification that it’s Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) pre-application for $250,000 of grant funding for the downtown parking garage, was ranked as the #1 priority project within the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission. With this ranking, the city has been invited to submit a full application.

Previously, the city’s grant application for the downtown parking facility was submitted to the Economic Development Administration (EDA). The total amount requested was $2,831,835.

On August 25, Kennedy recommended that Council authorize staff to move forward with a downtown parking fee study at a cost of $16,000. The study would inventory existing parking and the proposed parking facility. He noted that Desman Design Management would use the occupancy counts to identify peak parking needs for weekdays and then evaluate the differences in seasonal variations, summer, and weekend demands. They will identify and recommend street and lots for paid parking and recommend parking rates. The payment was approved by Council.

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