PART 1 of 3

Cassie Mattia lives in Historic Downtown Loveland

PART 1 of 3

Loveland, Ohio – Every historic town has its secrets and so does its local businesses. Learning the history about where you live not only makes it more appealing but also forces you to ask yourself what else don’t I know about the very town I live in?

Many Loveland residents are aware of the historic nature of the town itself, but DID YOU KNOW Loveland was known as a resort town because of its summer homes for the wealthy? Loveland was referred to as “Little Switzerland of the Miami Valley.” Loveland was also home to Ohio’s first paper mill built by John Smith in 1810. The Mill is now known as “Kugler Mill.” DID YOU KNOW Loveland was originally known as Paxton until Colonial Ramsey in 1863 reestablished the borders of the land, therefore, deciding upon the name Loveland due to the frequent stops residents made at James Loveland’s popular general store.

The Ramsey-Paxton Cemetery is a hidden gem locally, state-wide and nationally!

No one is afraid to show school spirit in Loveland, as Loveland City Schools is a hot commodity in the historic town of Loveland, but DID YOU KNOW Loveland City Schools was operated as two separate districts, Loveland East and Loveland West until 1926?

There’s nothing like going to that one particular local spot in town where everyone knows everyone and that’s exactly what you experience when you step into one of oldest buildings in Loveland, Paxton’s Grill. In the 1880’s Paxton’s Grill was home to the Grear’s Saloon until years later the building was transformed into a restaurant and named after Loveland’s first settler Colonial Thomas Paxton. Paxton’s opened its doors in 2000.

One of the best spots to purchase running gear according to many Loveland residents is Jackrabbit located right in the heart of downtown, but DID YOU KNOW that wasn’t always a retail store? The building where Jackrabbit stands now used to be a B&O Train Depot built in 1907! Bob Roncker’s Running spot was opened in 2008 and was rebranded into Jackrabbit in 2013. The building was once the studio of world renown artist, William Schickel.

Clothing Boutiques have seen an outstanding increase in popularity over the last few years due to the fascination with a more vintage style of clothing. DID YOU KNOW Loveland has finally landed its very own clothing boutique called Alley’s Boutique?

Before Alley’s Boutique owners Janel Thompson and Debby Walker ran a fashion store called Cincy Fashion Wheels located in the Bishop building right here in Loveland. Unfortunately, in May of 2017, their store was one of many businesses that were destroyed by a devastating fire in Loveland’s historic Bishop Building. With every tragedy brings new opportunities and with that opportunity, the now trio of owners, with the addition of Ann-Marie Toney, found a new location right off the Little Miami Bike Trail and changed the name to Alley’s Boutique. DID YOU KNOW Alley’s Boutique was the first business affected by the Bishop Building fire to reopen?

Safety has never looked so flashy! DID YOU KNOW anyone using the bike trail can now hit a button that will activate a large rectangular rapid flashing beacon on both sides of the bike trail crossing on Loveland Avenue that alerts traffic to stop for pedestrians using the crossing? The Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Friends of the Little Miami State Park secured an ODOT safety grant in the amount of 46,000 dollars to improve safety and traffic flow at the bike trail crossings in 2017.

If you live in Downtown Loveland it’s very easy to attain an active lifestyle with the Little Miami bike trail in your backyard and what goes hand in hand with an active lifestyle? A healthy diet! DID YOU KNOW that Loveland’s Fresh Press Juicery and Coffee uses only fresh local and organic ingredients to create their timeless menu items? Fresh Press is operated out of a 147-year-old building by owners Jacob and Katie in the heart of Downtown Loveland. DID YOU KNOW Fresh Press features Chef Jimmy Hooper who developed his extensive skill set in places such as, the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, Cincinnati’s Tavern Restaurant Group and Ivy Hill’s Country Club? Chef Hooper not only used his culinary creativity to create menu items such as The Arugula and Sweet Potato Bowl, The Avocado Sweet Toast and The Frogman Smoothie, but he also designed the kitchen and built the inside and outside bar at Fresh Press.

Plaid Room Records will soon open in the old Pizazz location next to City Hall.

Vinyl records have been making a huge comeback since the vintage wave has taken the world by storm. In 2015, Loveland got it’s very own piece of history when Plaid Room Records opened its doors. DID YOU KNOW that Plaid Room Records saw such success in their store that they decided to open shop at a brand new location on West Loveland Ave right next to the beloved Loveland Sweets shop? The new shop will open in September and will provide Plaid Room Records with the much-needed space for their 20,000 plus collection of vinyl records. Plaid Room Record’s 2015 location was 900 square feet and now their new location will be over 2,200 square feet, which will allow Plaid Room to bring in more live music, serve beer, host more events and stock more records. DID YOU KNOW Plaid Room Records is home to Colemine Records started by owners Terry and Bob Cole? Colemine, known as raw and authentic soul music, was created in 2007 after Terry and a friend had finished an album called The City. They wanted to start selling the album at shows but didn’t want to do it the traditional way so Terry decided to create a logo for the album, which led to the making of the label Colemine. Fast forward to 2015 Colemine Records came to Loveland and found a home at Plaid Room Records.

The State and National Scenic Little Miami River flows through the heart of Downtown Loveland.

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of my tour of Historic Downtown Loveland, Ohio.

Local Sweets Shop Celebrates Life’s Simple Pleasures

“Because chocolate calls the shots.” Loveland, Ohio – Unicorn Bark, Penny Candy, Salted Caramel Chip Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Banana Bark, Berry Berry Bean Ice Cream…
Columnist Cassia Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland

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