Loveland, Ohio – Given the recent heavy rains and high water, the Loveland Museum Center thinks you will enjoy this “look back” at the Loveland flood of 1913. “It seems appropriate,” says the Museum Center.

Loveland Museum Center added 18 new photos to the album: FLOOD OF 1913.

In the early morning of March 25, 1913, the Little Miami River and Obannon Creek over-ran their banks and wreaked havoc in downtown Loveland.

The flood broke all prior high water marks by 7 feet!

The wagon bridge crossing the Little Miami was carried away and an evening train on the B&O Railroad, attempting to cross had the engine knocked off the rails. Passengers were forced to spend the night on the roof of the rail cars.

When the waters receded, the extensive damage was evident.

All the merchants on the main downtown streets and many family homes were destroyed or badly damaged.

There was no government relief in those days, but Cincinnati and Norwood stepped up and contributed generously to Loveland, donating food and clothing.

Local churches provided temporary quarters to feed and shelter the homeless.

Very quickly, Loveland residents pulled together and restored services faster than officials believed possible.

The bridge was replaced in a little over a year’s time.

Meanwhile, people were able to cross the Little Miami River via walking across the train bridge or by use of wagon teams entering/exiting at the eastern point of Park Ave and the northern point of Taylor.

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