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Hey y’all! Our summer sale at Plaid Room Records is here! During RSD we always run 15% off in-store, but we’ve never had the fulfillment capacityĀ to extend that sale to online the same weekend. After some discussion here and a ton of folks asking, we decided to extend that 15% off sale to online customers Sunday through Tuesday! Our warehouse team has also been putting some pressure on me to try to clear some of our overstock so they can continue to operate normally. So, here’s the deal:

EVERYTHING (excluding pre-orders) IN THE STORE IS 15% OFF! No code required, the discount will auto-apply at checkout.

In addition to that, some items will be discountedĀ another 5% to 35%**Ā on top of the 15% that gets applied to everything! Most of these are going well below our cost, but it’s time to clear some space or get a bigger warehouse! Discounts here will already be reflected in the product price as of 6 p.m. ET on Sunday. Here’s some handy pages below that collect each tier of double discounted items: Additional 5% Off – 19.25% Off Total
Additional 10% Off – 23.50% Off Total
Additional 15% Off – 27.75% Off Total
Additional 20% Off – 32.00% Off Total
Additional 25% Off – 36.25% Off Total
Additional 30% Off – 40.50% Off Total
Additional 35% Off – 44.75% Off Total

ALL DOUBLE DISCOUNTED ITEMS Ā  There areĀ some serious deals in here – I hope y’all find something that’s been on your list!

**Discounts are applied one at a time. For example, a $100 item discounted 30% and then 15% would beĀ ($100 – 30% = $70). Then, it would be ($70-15% = $59.50). $59.50 would be the item’s price before tax.
Scratch And Dent Section On Website Now! As many of you have seen over the last few years, distributors don’t always get product to us in perfect shape. When my team is receiving product, they do their best to separate out the damaged products. In the past we’ve listed some of this product online, usually with the word [DAMAGED] in the title. We’ve historically usually only listed products where we have 3 or more copies that arrived damaged. Now we will be listing tons more titles, even if we only have one copy. The scratch and dent “collection” is available on the site on the menu “Shop Only In Stock” -> “Scratch and Dent Deals”. I’ll drop the link below and sort by the newest added so you can see what’s there. Scratch And Dent

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