On May 6th, 2011 Danny O’keefe and his sister were attacked in a home invasion. Danny fought the attacker off his sister, but was severely injured in the process. Now suffering from Hemiparalysis and Aphasia, Danny is relearning how to walk and talk and needs help raising money so he can afford to continue therapies that aren’t covered by insurance.

If this story has touched you and you’d like to help Danny and his incredible family, please visit: www.dannyokeefe.org


Directions to Power Ryde

by Megen Hilmer

Co-Owner, Power Ryde

Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,

If you are available on Saturday, April 18, please stop by Power Ryde for the first Danny O’Keefe fundraiser.  You don’t have to even spin!  Just come by to say “hi.”

law school graduation
Danny’s law school graduation

Last year, Betsy Shepherd, one of our clients approached us about doing a fundraiser for Danny O’Keefe because she had just learned Danny’s story at the same time she had learned about Casey’s story (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3ulCGPaXXs) and saw a connection with both being victims of brutal stabbings.  We wanted to wait until we got settled at our new location (471 Wards Corner @ I-275) before having the fundraiser.  We recently met Danny’s mother (whom I found out was 3 years ahead of me in high school), Danny and his father.

I am promoting this as a party/Open House so even if people don’t want to spin, they can still come and support Danny (who will be there assuming he feels well enough that day).  There is no charge for people to come meet/support Danny.  Besides raising money, more importantly we hope we can “jumpstart” the O’Keefe’s fundraising efforts by bringing more awareness to Danny’s medical needs as well as raise Danny’s spirits.

There will be 4 half hour spin classes at Power Ryde on Saturday, April 18, with 15 minutes in between classes.  There is a $20 minimum donation per class.  People can attend multiple classes and get sponsors as well.  There is also a donation jar on Power Ryde’s reception desk so people can still contribute even if they danny-o'keefecan’t attend the fundraiser.   Power Ryde is at 471 Wards Corner Road, Loveland, OH  45140.

Here is the link to the video telling Danny’s story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j8gucy_G44

Danny was viciously attacked while saving his sister’s life from an intruder four years ago.  Danny graduated from Moeller (2002), UD, and Capital University Law School.  He had been practicing law for a year, specializing in defending children. He lives in Loveland as do his parents.  His mother graduated from Indian Hill High School (1972) and his father graduated from Madeira High School (1971).  They attend St Gertrude Parish.

Besides raising money for Danny’s medical care (which is over $80k a year not covered by insurance), we hope to also raise awareness of Danny’s situation as well as lift his spirits.  There will be food at the event so even if people don’t want to spin, they can come to support Danny (there is no charge to do this).  Danny will be at the event (as long as he’s feeling well enough that day).

It’s important for people to sign up for classes ahead of time.  They won’t pay until the fundraiser on April 18 (either cash or checks made out to the “O’Keefe Family Assistance Fund”).  Here is the shortcut to sign up for classes:


Danny’s Website is:


The O’Keefe’s Facebook page (“I Support the O’Keefe Family”) which people can “like” is:


Thanks for your support and for helping us “spread the word” to your friends, family, neighbors & coworkers/classmates!


Megen Hilmer


Power Ryde






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