WHAT   Raising Cane’s Ohio and the OHSAA partnership to provide funding for student-athletes.

WHERE   All Raising Cane’s locations in Ohio, a full list of Ohio Raising Cane’s locations can be found here.

WHEN  Thursday, April 30, 2020.

The nearest location is at 3901 Montgomery Road in Deerfield Township near Menards

by Cassie Mattia

Deerfield Township, Ohio – Restaurant chain Raising Cane’s Ohio is raising money for scholarships! The popular chicken establishment recently entered into a partnership with the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) in order to provide funding for student-athlete scholarship programs and postseason tournaments.

The three-year partnership will kick off Thursday, April 30th, in which all Raising Cane’s restaurants across Ohio will donate 15 percent of their sales from 4 PM to close to the OHSAA scholarship project. Due to the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic that earlier this month canceled all of the OHSAA’s Winter State Tournaments as well as all Spring sports competitions, guests will have the ability to place their orders at the drive-thru.

The annual OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Program, which provides more than $175,000 to college-bound seniors including many Loveland High School Tigers, was canceled this Spring partly due to the OHSAA’s lack of revenue from the tournaments.

Jerry Snodgrass, executive director of the OHSAA

“We cannot begin to thank Raising Cane’s enough for stepping up during these unprecedented times to help give back to the student-athletes across Ohio,” said Jerry Snodgrass, Executive Director of the OHSAA. “Our mission at the OHSAA begins with ‘to serve’ and we will be able to continue to do just that with partners like Raising Cane’s, who are committed to both education and active lifestyles. We get to see firsthand how those two directly impact communities, schools, and students across Ohio. We’re really excited to kick off this three-year partnership and forge what will be a special effort to positively impact students statewide.”

“Active lifestyle and education are two of our pillars of community involvement, when we found out various programming and scholarships could be lessened or taken away due to cancellations of championships from the COVID-19 pandemic, we immediately reached out to the OHSAA to see how we could help,” said Matt Salts, Director of Marketing at Raising Cane’s Ohio. “We’re committed to team up with the OHSAA to help provide support for the next three years to help keep these key programs available to athletes across the state of Ohio.”

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