Symmes Township, Ohio – Here are the results of the Loveland XC Invitational held Saturday at Home of the Brave Park.

High School Competition 3.2 Mile

In race #1 Women’s Varsity Black, LHS  placed #1 and Emmy Sager (18:53.5) crossed the finish line ahead of all runners. She averaged 6:04.5 per mile. Sarah Madix ran a 19:18.2 and Ellie Carr 20:04.3. Mason was #2 and Sycamore was #3 .

In race #2 HS Women’s Varsity Orange LHS placed second behind Mason. Audrey O’Keefe finished 2nd and paced the Tigers with her 21:11.8, 3.2 mile run. Lauren Gard finished in 21:15.6. Bethany Griffin 21:24.8 and Skyler Daumeyer 22:13.9.

In the HS Women’s Open race the Tigers finished in 1st place led by Ellie Zicka (22:09.9), Ava Westfall (23:28.4), Lauren Poteet (24:19.3), and Ally Carpenter (24:19.8).

In race #4 HS Men’s Varsity Black, Loveland won 1st place ahead of Mason, Turpin, and Kings. Ryan Chevalier finished 2nd (16:06.0) behind Little Miami’s William Zegarski (15:41.5). Brady Steiner finished 5th (16:44.3). Ajay Stutz(16:55.9) finished in 9th place. Ryan Chevalier had a 5:10.6 per-mile pace.

In Race #5 HS Men’s Varsity Orange the Tigers took 2nd place behind Mason and ahead of Turpin and Mariemont. Andrew Waple (18:38.3) was the top Loveland finisher coming in 13th. Carter Jerome ran a 18:45.4 and Will Dippold finished in 18:55.

In Race 6 HS Men’s Open the Loveland theam placed 6 overall. Tyler Huff  (20:06.6) was the top Tiger runner. 

Middle School Competition 2 Mile

In Race #7 MS Women’s Black Loveland Middle School finished 2nd behind Mason and ahead of Madeira and Kings. Parker Mentzer ran the 2 mile course in 12:18.8 to outpace all runners. Norah Schmidt (13:26.3) was #12. Reese Renock (13:38.5) finished 17th.

In Race #8 MS Women’s Orange Loveland took 2nd place behind Mason and ahead of Sycamore and Nagel. Chloe Bentley finished in12th place with a time of 14:35. Justine Cooper (14:53.6) finished 19th and Elizabeth Tew (14:57.9) finished 23rd.

In Race # 10 MS Men’s Black the Tigers finished in 3rd place behind Mason and Nagel. Nick Huff (11:11.1) came in 7th. Luis Garcia-Saucedo (11:13.3) finished 8th and Tyler Scherman (11:57.3) finished 23rd.

In Race #11 MS Men’s Orange Loveland finished 3d. Jake Molas (13:22.0) was the top Tiger finisher followed by Gavin Albrecht(13:29.) and Hudson Fahy (13:32.0) .

Race # 12 MS Men’s Open the Tigers palced 4th as a team. Craig Dwyer (14:42.1) was the top Tiger runner followed by Ben Schroeder (15:41.2) and Owen Naylor (15:46.6).

You can view all of the official results HERE.