Columbus, Ohio – The following language was approved by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Board of Directors in December 2019 to be included in the OHSAA General Sport Regulations. OHSAA General Sport Regulations apply to every OHSAA sport:

Head Decorations and Headwear

Approved by Board of Directors Dec. 5, 2019, as part of General Sports Regulation 17 – Athletic Uniforms

Refer to the National Playing Rules of the particular sport to determine what head decorations or headwear are permissible.

Exception: In the event a head coach represents to the referee in advance of the start of the competition that a player wishes not to expose his/her uncovered head, the referee shall approve a covering or wrap which shall not:

    1. Fundamentally alter the sport;
    2. Be abrasive, hard or dangerous to any other participant;
    3. Be attached in such a way that it is likely to come off during play, and
    4. Be deemed to be unsporting/offensive.

For other exceptions not addressed above, school administrators and/or head coaches shall contact the OHSAA sport administrator via email well in advance of the competition date to discuss if a waiver is available and, if so, the details of the waiver process.

Note: If there are any concerns about head decorations or headwear well in advance of the start of competition on that day, contest officials shall approach the head coach (or assistant coach if the head coach is not available) to address the issue.


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