Kulik compares a political pro, like himself to politically motivated flame throwing amateurs.

Loveland, Ohio – Resident Ryan Kulik went to the September 12 council meeting and gave a speech about the state of Loveland politics. He said it has been “downright dreadful.”

Kulik said that no one wants to talk about the positive things brought by Rob Stansel, the City’s former economic development director who council voted to let go last May because the contract he had with the City exceeded the spending authority of City Manager Dave Kennedy. However, Kulik had plenty to say about Stansel in his speech and defended the work while employed by Kennedy. Some of the claims Kulik made were credible, some not.

Ryan Kulik

Kulik claimed Stansel secured over half a million dollars for the sale of property Loveland taxpayers own on Chestnut Street, however the letter of intent to buy the property was never signed and it expired.

Kulik warns of Loveland having an anti-business attitude and set his aim on The Little Miami River Chamber Alliance, the Loveland Heartbeat Political Action Committee, and Councilman Rob Weisgerber.

The day after Kulik gave his speech at the council meeting he sent the full text of his speech to Loveland Magazine with this message, “I have attached my full remarks to council, I did leave out huge chunks because 5 minutes is far too short for a blowhard like myself..” Below is that text with the following disclaimer from Kulik.

I am currently not working with anyone associated with the city council. I have talked with a few people who are running, but I have yet to sign a contract to exclusively work for anyone. Due to confidentiality agreements I can not reveal who I have spoken with. I did want you to know all of this so it is clear where I am coming from. As long as I am free from any contracts in the city, I would like to continue to get my opinions out in this volatile political climate. I will keep you updated if any of this changes.

Thank you, Council, and thank you fellow residents and friends of Loveland.

My name is Ryan Kulik and I live in Loveland. I manage a political consulting firm that specializes in local government. I worked, as in I got paid for my services, on my first campaign in 1992. We lost. Since that November in 1992, I have worked on numerous political issues, and worked on more campaigns than I wish to count. I do this because I love politics, I love America, and I love my community.

A Political Action Committee that has taken joy in stopping the discussion of positive economic growth in our city.

The narrative about Loveland, my community, in 2017 has been downright dreadful. A small group of political motivated amateurs have taken over and halted the business of the city, the mayor resigned, the council is split, and even more surprising, the local Chamber of Commerce has publicly endorsed, with money and with words, a Political Action Committee that has taken joy in stopping the discussion of positive economic growth in our city. Even members of this council have voted against legally required public hearings, read the charter, read the Ohio Constitution. These votes, along with the local chamber, and dedicated group of political motivated amateurs has made Loveland a town that is viewed as unfavorable to growth and not welcoming to new business. 

That narrative is unacceptable. I have worked with numerous chambers of commerce, and to be aligned with a group that is anti-business is unthinkable. I have worked with a bunch of people who have run for local government. One of the biggest sins is to have a voting record that shows you are anti-growth and anti-business. I figure if we are going to let the political neophytes have control of our city, why not let a political professional have a crack at the bat. Maybe now we can start to correct the narrative of Loveland.

How is it I can paint these groups as anti-business you ask? Well, let me explain. The anti-business political group has recently brought up the cancelled contract of Mr. Rob Stansel. What is that Mr. Stansel did wrong? I can see where the council should have had a discussion on his services when the contract exceeded the City Manager’s spending limits, but council never had that discussion. Rob Stansel was hired by the City Manager, not council. That is what a city manager does. The council should have had a chance to vote on his contract when the City Manager’s spending limit was exceeded. We never had this discussion. A political amateur seems to always forget these things Again maybe they just don’t know. A political professional knows how a city runs. 

As a tax paying resident of Loveland, I am happy that the City Manager hired Mr Stansel, and I am appalled that his services were let go in a blatant politically expedient move by a member of this council. Rob Stansel created, and was still creating, positive economic growth in Loveland. He secured over half a million dollars for the Chestnut property. He was working a deal for the infamous Christman property that would have brought another financial windfall to the city. Thank goodness, the City Manager hired Mr. Stansel. It is a shame that a politically motivated stunt by members of this council caused Loveland to lose someone who was bringing prosperity to our neighborhood. It is a big political sin to be anti-business and anti-growth.

Here’s some free advice, if you want to be a political flamethrower, be well versed in what libel and slander are.

No one wants to talk about the positive things brought by Rob Stansel, and other professionals to Loveland. The narrative has been infected with constant negativity. The refuge of the political amateur is to throw around the terms illegal and corruption. First off, be very careful when you throw those words around. The internet is written in ink, your words will live forever. Political pros, like myself, will look for any signs of behavior, or words, that are legally questionable. Here’s some free advice, if you want to be a political flamethrower, be well versed in what libel and slander are. 

Second, what was illegal? The city manager hired Mr Stansel, Mr. Stansel created an incredible return on investment. In Councilman Wesigerber’s defense of the three contracts given to the lobbyists at the Colwell Group, that is right, there were three separate contracts. Managing my own politically consulting group for years I used to love to work with people like then Mayor Weisgerber. If he kept rewriting contracts for new work, I never had to deal with council votes and the public was never able to voice their concern. In my profession, it is easier to work with elected officials who like to dodge transparency. 

But back to Councilman Weisgerber’s words. He claimed the three contracts secured by the Colwell group created a great return on investment. He is correct. Do you know what else is correct, the one contract with Rob Stansel created an even greater return on investment, and if this council had acknowledged this, Rob Stansel would still be working for the economic benefit of Loveland. Cancelling Rob Stansel’s contract without debate is an anti-business and anti-growth political sin, and every time someone wants to bring up the contract, I will remind people of this sin.

As for the word corruption. Again, be very careful. Words have consequences, and there is nothing but negativity with the word corruption. If you want to incite discord, then continue to use negativity. That seems to be the only plan of action from the political motivated anti-growth group. Just make sure you are in the clear, legally of course.

I was raised catholic, so I believe in the power of confession and the absolution of one’s sins. The political sin of being anti-business can be absolved, all you need to do is confess.

In 1992, I was a political amateur, I have spent the last twenty-five years learning. I am still learning. I encourage everyone who is new to Loveland politics, stay with it and keep learning. I lost my first race, but that did not deter me. Also, I was raised catholic, so I believe in the power of confession and the absolution of one’s sins. The political sin of being anti-business can be absolved, all you need to do is confess. Think about the future of Loveland. I am dedicated to returning to our pro-business and pro-growth policies. Our council, and community should share my goals. Join me.

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  1. As a self-described Catholic, Mr. Kulik is likely familiar with Jesus’s approach to the ‘pro-business’ atmosphere of greed and corruption created by ‘businessmen’ (moneychangers) in the temple in Jerusalem.

    Mark 11:15 reads, “And they come to Jerusalem: and Jesus went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.”

    Did Jesus commit a ‘sin’ when he engaged in ‘anti-business’ cleansing of the greedy connivers in the temple? Life consists of more than short-term greed and a quick buck.

  2. Mr. Blowhard, the problem with America is that it is too pro-business, and all that matters is the bottomline. This has caused a host of problems like constant warfare to feed the military contractors and profiteers, environmental degradation, and the devaluing of the individual and values like trust and integrity. All this to fuel business, sometimes in the wrong direction. Just imagine how our life would be like if we still had a good rail service that was dismantled to feed the profits of the auto industry and the oil companies in their glorification of the automobile during the 1950s. We are not anti-business. There’s more than enough business in Loveland. We just want a nice, laid-back community where people can get away from the hustle and bustle of making the almighty dollar.

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