Mitchell was a helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps and LHS Senior Class President



Loveland, Ohio – The Seniors at Loveland High School (LHS) presented the school a life-size cast bronze tiger sculpture. The students named the tiger to honor Captain David “Seth” Mitchell, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in October 2009 during a voluntary mission. Mitchell was a helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps. He was Senior Class President when he graduated from Loveland High School in 1997.

Seth_Mitchell_2005“As every class does at the end of senior year, we wanted to give the school a gift to leave a lasting mark of the Class of 2015,” said Senior Class Representative Clayton Walker. “We named the tiger Seth because there was only a banner to remember Mitchell at the high school. Banners will wear out eventually, so we wanted something that would be around much longer in order to remember our hometown hero.”

Seth’s parent’s, Steve and Connie Mitchell said they continue to be appreciative for the Loveland community’s support for their family. “We are honored that the senior class at LHS named the tiger in honor of Seth,” said Steve Mitchell.

“There is no better name for this tiger,” said Principal Chris Kloesz. “We are so appreciative of our senior class for giving our building such a unique gift to treasure; it will long hold a special place in our hearts.”

“Seth the Tiger” is prominently displayed on a rotating basis in the main lobby area and LHS Media Center.  The sculpture was purchased using class funds students worked for and saved during their four years at LHS, as well as from the support of a very generous gift from the parents of one of the seniors.

“This class gift is truly unique and represents the thoughtfulness and extraordinary Tiger spirit of the Class of 2015,” said Kloesz.

Steve Mitchell said, “Seth loved LHS and continued to show the tiger spirit throughout his career. Thank you seniors for this great gift. May each of you carry the tiger spirit with you forever.”




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