by David Miller, Editor and Publisher

I visited the Loveland Safety Center yesterday to discuss some ideas I had about preparations the community might make to alleviate the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 if the virus comes to Ohio. We also discussed ways to ensure that the public would have faith that public officials have prepared, have plans in place, and are on top of the current situation. I also wanted to make sure that lines of communication between the Department and Loveland Magazine remain open and clear.

I know I was personally satisfied when I saw how quickly and immediately Loveland/Symmes Township Assistant Fire Chief Tom Turner pulled up “Bookmarks” on the Department’s computer with links to the Center for Disease Control, the Ohio Department of Health, and County Departments of Health. Tom knew where to immediately find the latest information and talked about how often each day he is visiting the sites for the most current and accurate information.

Deputy Fire Chief Mike Books was also in the meeting with a wealth of information about the planning and preparedness of the Department.

One of the things Books asked if Loveland Magazine would do for them was to remind the community about their Senior Med Programs so that those who might be most vulnerable if Coronavirus COVID-19 hits Loveland, our “Seniors”, would be adequately protected and cared for. The Department wants to be ahead of the curve in protecting them.

Seniors especially may already have compromised immune systems from medical treatment such as chemotherapy and they are encouraged to sign up for the free Senior Med Program.

The Senior Med Program has been in place for a long time, however, the Department wants to ensure that word of the program is publicized and promoted so the “Seniors” and friends and family of “Seniors” as possible – know about it. That’s where you, the friends and family of “Seniors” play a much-needed role at this time. Books and Turner emphasized that this is needed protection during every flu season, not just now when people have concerns about Coronavirus COVID-19.

Tell your “Senior” about the program and get them enrolled immediately. It’s a FREE program offered to Seniors.

Your “Senior” may need help from a son or daughter getting them signed-up.

Our area religious congregations are always especially good caretakers for Seniors. Please tell those caregivers about the free Senior Med Program.

The Department also has a similar program called Pedi Med Program  to ensure the safety of our “special needs” children in the area. Read about it HERE. The Pedi Med Program gathers information from parents of any medical conditions that may be encountered either at school or while at home. This information is collected and entered into a database kept in emergency vehicles, accessed only by Fire department personnel, and with Northeast Communications (911). Each child is assigned an individual number that corresponds with their medical history, and the information can be reviewed by responding emergency personnel.

Thank you, Tom and Mike, for sharing your valuable time.


The Senior Med Program

The Senior Med Program is a program designed towards addressing the needs of our senior citizens in the community. This program gives paramedics the opportunity to review crucial medical information prior to their arrival on an emergency call involving their Senior Med customer.

Enroll in Program

To enroll in the program, contact the department at 513-583-3001.

Gathering Medical History

Once a citizen decides that they are interested in the program, Shawn Felock will schedule a home visit with the new member, and gather vital medical history, including medications. The information gathered is helpful in the event that an emergency should occur involving our senior citizen. Some of the information that will be needed :

  • Any special circumstance that might pertain to that individual
  • Closest family/friend and phone number
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Hospital preference
  • Medication allergies
  • Medications taken
  • Name, age, address, and phone number
  • Primary care physician
Senior Med System - An older man having blood pressure checked

Medical History Database

Once the interview is completed, the department representative enters the information into a database that is only accessible by the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department, and the Northeast Communications Center (911). Customers are then assigned a number, and when EMS is dispatched, they have the ability to access the Seniors’ vital medical history. This will give EMS a jump start to treat the patient.

Fire Department Representatives

Fire department representatives are available to customers every day of the week

Upon request, FF/Paramedic Aaron Kidd, or another Senior Med representative will come to the homes of customers to:

  • Conduct interviews
  • Deliver reflective address signs
  • Evaluate any “special needs” customers
  • Perform home safety inspections
  • Take vital signs
  • Update information

Regular Contact

In addition, one of the Senior Med representatives will contact the Senior every other month.

More Information

Aaron Kidd is responsible for the Senior Med Program. If you would like more information please email Aaron Kidd

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