Stephanie Savely lives in the West Loveland Historic District in Loveland

by Stephanie Savely

The levy is driving a wedge in our beautiful town. Can we “push pause” for just a minute? Can we take a deep breath and focus on what we agree on?

I believe, if asked, most of us would say that:

  • We love our “little” town. 
  • We know the value and importance of providing a good public education. 
  • We know that our school buildings need work and some probably even need to be replaced.

Most would even agree that there are probably some items, regardless of the actual dollar amount, in the levy that aren’t “mission critical.”

So, I have one simple question. What harm is there in asking the school board to take the overwhelming amount of feedback they have received and revise the plan?

This isn’t an all or nothing situation. Our city is more important than that.

This problem has been years in the making, and a few more months won’t matter.

Our community, our schools, our neighborhoods, our friendships are worth coming together and tackling this well. Together.

Don’t forget, we ARE Loveland Strong.

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