Ms. Miller’s 1st graders brought their classroom to Loveland Magazine to teach us how they wrote about two of their exceptional teachers


On May 16, Ms. Miller brought her 1st-grade class on a field trip to the Loveland Magazine offices to teach the staff how they have learned to write stories. They spent countless classroom hours writing about two special teachers in their classroom, Owen, and Sue Wilhoite. Owen is an “Ambassador” from Loveland High School and Sue is a Special Education Professional – mother and son. When they arrived at Loveland Magazine they showed the story they wrote, which they emailed the day before, and taught about the Expanding Expression method of writing stories. Loveland Magazine writer and photographer, Sam Smith was there to learn as well. He took photos and explained the process of getting photos into a finished story. The 1st graders then viewed their almost finished story and saw the process Loveland Magazine uses to publish to the Internet. After lunch, on the back lawn, they were off to the Loveland Dairy Whip down the street. On Wednesday, Publisher, David Miller went to their classroom where Devin was chosen by the students to be the one to hit the “Publish” button. Their story about Owen and Sue Wilhoite is below.


The Loveland 1st graders collaborated on the story below using an Expanding Expression Tool (EET).

by Chase, Olivia, Brenden, Reece, Anabelle, Devin, Danna, Destin, Owen, Claire, Nipun, Arianna, Aliya, Ana, Levi, Will, Charlie, Emily, Mansour, Alex, Ava, Annabel, Huck and Genna

Loveland, Ohio Mr. Owen is our High School Amabassodor. Mrs. Wilhoite is one of our teachers. Owen is Mrs. Wilhoite’s son. Mr. Owen and Mrs. Wilhoite work in room 9 at Loveland Primary School in Loveland, Ohio.

Inside this contraption at the Loveland Primary school playground is Owen Wilhoite, a Senior at Loveland High School and one of their “Ambassadors” who regularly attend classes in the elementary-grades assisting teachers.

Mr. Owen helps us with writing. Mr. Owen plays football and basketball with us at recess. He helps us when we are stuck on our word work. Mr. Owen helps us with jobs around the room such as recycling, passing out papers and sharpening pencils.

Sue Wilhoite is a Special Education Professional in Jen Miller’s classroom at the Loveland Primary School.

Mrs. Wilhoite helps us with morning work and journals. Mrs. Wilhoite pulls out our teeth when they are loose. She helps some of our friends learn. And she is always there when we need her.

Mr. Owen is tall and lean. He has brown eyes and brown hair. He wears shorts. Mrs. Wilhoite is pretty, beautiful and cute. She smiles a lot.

Mr. Owen is hilarious and funny. He is caring, kind and respectful. Mr. Owen is nice.

Mrs. Wilhoite is funny and happy. She is nice, loving and kind. “Mr. Owen does writing with me,” said Huck.

“Mr. Owen plays basketball with me,” said Devin. “He races me on the playground and I always win,” said Genna.

Owen Wilhoite has his own extended family when he works with his mom at the Loveland Primary School as a “Loveland High School Ambassador”.

Alex said, “Mrs. Wilhoite writes with me.” 

“I love to give her squishy hugs,” said Brendan. And Levi said, “She pushes me on the swings.”

Mr. Owen is very good at basketball. He plays High School basketball and baseball. He is a very good helper. Mr. Owen will attend the University of Cincinnati in the Fall.

Mrs. Wilhoite is a mom to three kids. She loves animals, especially her dog and her guinea pigs. She loves coffee. She loves to read and watch TV. She really loves to watch her kids play sports.





While at the Loveland Magazine office the children sang the EET song that helps them remember how to write good stories.

The students took turns telling the Loveland Magazine writers how they used EET to write a story about, “Mrs. Wilhoite and Mr. Owen.”
The student writers watch Publisher, David Miller as he uses a laptop (that is projected to a large screen) to copy and paste their story to the internet application used by Loveland Magazine.


Sue Wilhoite listens to her students as they explain how they wrote a story about her and her son.


Loveland Magazine writer, videographer, and photographer, Sam Smith was in the classroom at Loveland Magazine to take photos, and also how learn from the 1st graders how to organize and write better stories. In this photo Sam is showing the students how the photos he just took will look when published.
“I really enjoyed seeing the students so excited over journalism, and it was clear that they were very engaged with the process and project. It was a lot of fun to see them work on their project and to show them how Loveland Magazine works, “said Sam Smith. “I thought the approach to covering the fundamentals of a story– the essential who’s, what’s, when’s and why’s was very creative and applied in a way such that the children understood the process clearly and were engaged.”
The young writers were very entertained when Sam Smith showed them how he publishes photos.



Eating lunch in the back yard at Loveland Magazine before heading to the Loveland Dairy Whip.



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