by Barbara Kyles

Do you know about the “Cincinnati Cobra”?

Ezzard Charles (1921-1975) was Cincinnati’s only World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

Take a look and welcome to Black history…

“Total Fighter,” is a narrative, nonfiction podcast about Ezzard Charles, Cincinnati’s heavyweight champion, and hosted by Loveland native Ricky Mulvey. The podcast shines a new light on the underrated Cincinnati Cobra; the “greatest light-heavyweight of all time”. The series follows Charles to his match against Joe Louis, and the characters who followed him– his family and the mafia. 

“Total Fighter” features interviews and stories from Buddy LaRosa, founder of LaRosa’s Pizza, William Dettloff, author of “Ezzard Charles: a Boxing Life,” Frank Wettencamp, one of Ezz’s high school classmates, and more. This show explores his complex character; why the name “Ezzard Charles” became an insult by Frank Sinatra and an inspiration to the composer George Russell.

Mulvey found archived sound bites of some announcers that will take you ringside.

You can listen to episode one below.

Total Fighter available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Barbara Kyles is a Miami Township resident who enjoys advocating for social issues and gardening year-round.

Barbara will be publishing a continuing series about Black History for Loveland Magazine.

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