Help for teen and adult depression and thoughts of suicide…



 Help for teen and adult depression and thoughts of suicide…


Tips for Helping Yourself When Feeling Depressed

– from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

It’s not fair to you or to others to keep your troubles a secret. It’s also nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone has struggles. If you’re unable to let the person know face to face or verbally, however, then tell her in writing. Also, if it would be easier to talk like you are your friend or someone else, then talk about yourself in the third person. You can then let the person know later that it was you whom you were describing.

Let Someone Know What’s Troubling You.     (Read more)

• Ask for and accept support (Read more)

• Share your feelings (Read more)

• Tell an adult who can help (Read more)

I am Struggling

If you’re thinking of hurting yourself, or have days when you feel like you just can’t go on, help is available. We have resources to help you feel better:

If You Are in Crisis, Get Help Immediately. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Find Help

Find Treatment

Know the Risk Factors and Warning Signs

Watch Testimonials from Others Who Have Struggled with Mental Illness

Additional Resources

For More Information




If you’re thinking of hurting yourself, or someone you know is in trouble, the Division of Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s offers resources for help. You can also call the Division of Psychiatry directly at 513-636-4124.

Emergency and Crisis Numbers / People Who Can Help

  • 911
  • 513-281-CARE (Cincinnati local number)
  • 1-800-273-TALK
  • 1-800-SUICIDE
  • Physician − a family doctor or pediatrician
  • Teacher
  • School nurse or counselor
  • Mental health professional (psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist). You can call the Psychiatric Intake Response Center (PIRC) for a referral at 513-636-4124.
  • Clergy − a minister, rabbi, priest or youth minister
  • Trusted friend
  • Trusted family member

Local Ohio County Crisis Numbers

  • Local Butler County crisis numbers
  • Hamilton / West Chester: 513-894-7002
  • Middletown: 513-424-5498
  • Oxford / Hamilton: 513-523-4146

Resources for Parents (Read on…)

Video Interviews

Watch video interviews of parents and teenagers (below) in the Surviving the Teens program who share their experiences with depression and suicide on CET Connect.

Debbie Brown
, a mother who lost her son to suicide, talks about signs of depression.

Kathy Winter
, a mother, explains how parents can find the words to talk to their children about this issue.

talks about his struggle with depression, his treatment and how he is rebuilding his life.

shares her story and tells us how music and positive thinking helped her work her way back to a more positive place in life.

shares his advice for other teens experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts.

Surviving the Teens® Program Helps Teen Do the Right Thing

Read a true story from a local teenager who used lessons learned from Steps to LAST® to help save her friend’s life.
Read More



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