by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – Would you like to play a game of Pickleball? Last week I had the opportunity to interview four local Pickleball players about the newest sport in town that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and ping pong. Pickleball has NO age limitations and can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone!

Jerry Ernst, a Pickleball instructor, and a Cincinnati Pickleball Club member, Kathleen Cupito and her husband John Cupito met me up at McCoy Park to teach me a thing or two about the game of Pickleball!

If you missed Part 1, “The Introduction to the Sport of Pickleball,” click here. If you missed Part 2, “The Interactive Pickleball Lesson,” where Jerry Ernst teaches me how to play Pickleball click here.

Before I left the Pickleball court I asked Jerry, Kathleen, and John to talk to our readers about where they could find courts locally, where they could play against others, and where to go to find the best Pickleball equipment!

Click below to get the 411 on Pickleball Locations and Equipment!

The Cincinnati Pickleball Club is a great place to start your Pickleball journey! The Club that now has over 900 members offers 1-3 year memberships for $25 per year. The membership includes 52 weekly newsletters, 3 annual tournaments, and 4 annual league sessions. Visit The Cincinnati Pickleball Club’s website to learn more!

Expert Pickleball instructor Jerry Ernst also does private Pickleball lessons! To learn more you can email Jerry or call him at 513-368-4833.

For more updates on local sports and activities, you can get involved in stay tuned to the Loveland Salad with ME, Cassie Mattia!

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