Junior Police Academy Group Picture
credit goes to Officer Matt Evans of Miami Township
Mahi Sheth is a bookworm who lives in Loveland with her little brother Vraj, and her loving parents. Mahi is a writer for Loveland Magazine.

By Mahi Sheth

Miami Township, Ohio – When asked about the most important thing about being a police officer, Officer Andrew Bob from the Miami Township Police Department said the “most important thing would be I guess for me would be empathy”. Officer Bob was one of the officers that contributed to the Junior Police academy held at Miami Meadows Park from May 31st to June 3rd. The Junior police academy was a one-week-long camp that started at 9 in the morning and ended in the afternoon.

The police academy consisted of 21 students and police officers from Loveland, Milford, Goshen, and Miami Township. The officers organized different day-to-day activities to show the different aspects of police work. The police officers were really kind to all of us and provided breakfast and lunch.

Day 1 – During the first day of the academy, the students did a team-building exercise, which included races between 4 teams. After the races, the students gathered around for a drone demo. We had two drone specialists come and talk to us about the different types of drones and the rules on when to use them etc. While one of the specialists was speaking, the other controlled the different drones and flew them around.

With the drone demo ending, the students got transported to Milford Junior High School where we played dodgeball Kids vs Cops ( Kids won obviously).

After the game ended and we all had eaten lunch, the officers gathered us around and gave each of us a fingerprinting kit. They gave us direction on how to use it and we all lifted our own fingerprints. Later we had a crime scene unit specialist come in and he explained how he uses lasers and sticks to find the trajectory of a bullet to determine the location of where shots may have been fired from.

After the crime scene session ended we had two police officers bring in two K-9 dogs The officers had the dogs do a drug search so we could see how they operate when trying to find drugs. The officers also did some commands with the dogs. One was a command where when said the dog would attack the target. After the K9s left, we were released to go home. One command was for the K-9 to attack a chosen target.

Here is an interview I did with Officer Andrew Bob so you could meet him and find out more about his work and the Junior Police Academy.

Below are photos from the first day of the Junior Police Academy taken by Officer Matt Evans


Stay Tuned for parts two and three!

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