by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – The public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission on a conditional use permit for converting Johnny’s Car Wash on Loveland Madeira Road into a micro-brewery and tap room was rescheduled for Monday, August 8, at 7 PM.

Loveland Magazine made a public record request for the “Staff Report” that will tell readers more about the project.


A micro-brewery and tap room are being proposed for property along the Loveland Madeira Road leading out of Loveland. A “conditional use” application was submitted to the Loveland Planning and Zoning Commission on June 21 from DVDREAL, LCC. The existing zoning for the property according to the applicant is for “commercial” use. The applicant is Dana Depenbrock. The proposal is for the location of Johnny’s Car Wash at 1555 Loveland Madeira Road.

The application says, “By granting this conditional use we are ensuring the current old, outdated car wash will be converted into a community establishment where community members can congregate, laugh, and begin their journey into other parts of Loveland.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing for the proposal on Monday, August 8 at 7 PM in the council chambers at City Hall at 120 West Loveland Avenue.

Here is the link to Home (

Here is the “Staff Report” to the Commission written by Cory Wright the Assistant City Manager.

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