For over two years, 55 Black mothers and children in Hillsboro, Ohio, marched daily to a whites-only school to demand admission. The Lincoln School Story highlights a facet of the Black struggle for freedom that is too often under-recognized. Remembering the efforts of the marchers to integrate public schools in southwest Ohio provides important context for understanding the Black experience in the United States. The stories shared by the Lincoln School marchers help us imagine a future free of racial inequality. 

This project provides an opportunity to connect and build understanding. Here are a few of the things documentary viewers said they want to share with their friends:

“History lives through us. We first learn to experience history in our bodies then later in our hearts.”

“Ohio played an important role in the civil rights movement.”

“The fearless and persistent mothers who fought for a better life for their children. AMAZING!”

“There are good people in dark places! Keep believing.”

“Perseverance and love can change the world.” 

Ohio Humanities is proud to support important projects like The Lincoln School Story so that we can learn from the powerful dedication and bravery of those who fight for change. We plan to expand this project by funding an extended documentary that will explore the story in more depth and producing complementary educational materials and a children’s book.   

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Rebecca Brown Asmo 
Executive Director 

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