Cassie Mattia lives in Historic Downtown Loveland and is the Associate Editor of Loveland Magazine

by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – The saddest day of the year has finally come for the city of Loveland, and if you’re not a Loveland resident you maybe asking yourself when is this day coming and why is it so sad?! On Sunday, September 27th the legendary sweetest place in town, Loveland Dairy Whip, will be closing its doors for the season.

“We will be opening February 26th, 2021,” owner Rick Morgan informed the community.

The family-owned soft serve ice cream shop, located at 611 W Loveland Ave, has been open since 1955 and has become quite the tradition for many families around town. The Loveland Dairy Whip has a variety of options on its menu ranging from Dairymen’s vanilla, chocolate, or twist cones to specialty ice cream creations like The Chocolate Mountain and the Reese Tulip. Of course there are also options for the kiddos like the Clown Sundae and the Gummy Monster!

The friendly Loveland Dairy Whip owners and staff ask that you stop by during their final week of the Summer to celebrate another successful season! The ice cream shop has plenty of seating in their shaded picnic area so that you and your family can enjoy your favorite ice cream treat! The Loveland Dairy Whip’s hours this week will be from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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