Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,

My name is Vincent Proctor and I’m working on my Boy Scout Eagle Project. The project benefits Ohio Valley Voices school for deaf children, located Miami Township just outside of Loveland.

GoFundMe donations will be sent directly to the school and be designated for this project. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt digitally.

Funds are only being collected through October 8, 2018, so please donate today!

You could also help by sharing this campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

The project is called Therapy Swings for Deaf Children. The swings will benefit the children by helping in the therapy treatment for a condition called Sensory Integration Disorder, which is common in deaf children.

The cost of an institutional grade swing set, installation supplies and equipment plus a large area of playground mulch bring the budget for this project much higher than is typical for Eagle projects. I really want to make this project happen for the kids but need the generous support of the community in order to achieve it.

I have opened a GoFundMe account to facilitate the funding. Could you please help get the word out? Here is the URL:

Thank you in advance for your help.


Vincent Proctor

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