Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,

We have always said change comes from a groundswell: It starts at the community level and builds to the state level before reaching the federal level. After Tuesday’s presidential election results, we know federal nicole20hockley-4-editgun safety reform will be difficult – but our belief has not changed. In honor of my beautiful butterfly Dylan and all the lives lost to gun violence, we are leading a movement that transcends the timing of any election cycle.

It is entirely because of your support that this movement has already created long-term, sustainable change: We fought hard for and passed gun safety ballot initiatives in Washington and Nevada that will protect children from gun violence. We also had a hugely successful Say Something Week last month, with more than 1,300 schools registered and reports of immediate interventions that may have already saved lives when students spotted warning signs of violence.

I’m so grateful to you. But our country needs gun violence prevention, mental health care reform and inclusion efforts more than ever. Will you help us grow this groundswell and share the Sandy Hook Promise to prevent gun violence?

Click here to share our Promise on Facebook and ask your friends and family to join our movement to protect more children from gun violence.

The fact that we passed reforms in Washington and Nevada proves two things: First, the Sandy Hook Promise community is an incredible force for change. I witnessed it firsthand when I traveled to build support for these initiatives and saw supporters jump into action. Second, we don’t have to wait on Congress to prevent [quote_right]The Sandy Hook Promise community is an incredible force for change.[/quote_right]gun violence: We can take action ourselves in states, communities and schools to make change that will protect more children and save lives.

But these victories don’t mean we’re finished. A gun safety ballot initiative in Maine did not pass, so we’ll continue fighting for reform there and in other states. We’re going to keep expanding our Know the Signs gun violence prevention programs to more schools and youth organizations and advocating for mental health and gun safety reforms around the country.

As we look to the work ahead, I’m so grateful to have your support in this fight for a future where no other parent has to experience the devastating loss of a child due to gun violence.

Thank you,

Nicole Hockley (Dylan’s mom)



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