by Tim Butler

Four years ago, you trusted me with your vote to City Council. Now I humbly ask for your support for the next four years on City Council. With over 32 years of living in and raising our family in Loveland, I have a strong commitment to speak for our citizens. Our family is invested in the success of Loveland. We started a successful track and cross-country program which launched the running careers of hundreds of Loveland’s boys and girls. Our family has invested its time, financial resources, and energy in the creation and operation of Mile 42 Coffee in downtown Loveland. Our roots are firmly planted in Loveland. 

We have a great city. Our downtown is vibrant and unique with its access to the bike path and the Little Miami River. We have a strong community spirit. We have successful local businesses. With our growth comes inherent challenges. 

We are at a point where the decisions made by your City Council will affect the character, look, and feel of Loveland for future generations. Here are a few key areas where Council’s decisions will impact Loveland going forward: 

  • The first is zoning and development. Our Council has approved the rezoning demands of developers which increased the density of development and will contribute to further congestion. I listened to your fellow citizens and voted against this rezoning. Council will face similar zoning and development questions over the next four years. 
  • Second is how we manage traffic and parking downtown. Our Council is considering a multi-million dollar parking garage and we do not know whether it is even financially sustainable. The location of the garage will cause overcrowding in the busiest part of our downtown. There are other options we can explore before we change the landscape of downtown for the next 30 years with a garage which may not even solve the problem. I have consistently asked Council to explore these options and explain to our citizens the financial impact of the garage and the availability of alternatives. 
  • The third is ensuring we fully involve our citizens as we make these and other decisions, including annexation of new property into the city. Unfortunately, our Council has not been fully transparent in this decision-making process. 

As I talk to our fellow citizens, I hear concerns about the direction of our city and some of the decisions made by our City Council. How much development is too much? Are we spending your taxpayer dollars on pet projects? Are we sufficiently planning for the next generation of Loveland’s families so they can enjoy the kind of childhood our own children were fortunate enough to have? 

Let’s take a breath and engage in thoughtful, analytical growth. Let’s seek out the opinions and gauge the wishes of our citizens. Let’s spend our tax dollars wisely. Let’s think and talk about what is best for the city of Loveland for the next ten to twenty years, so future generations will continue to think of Loveland as a wonderful place to live, work, and raise their families. 

I ask for your support for reelection to Loveland’s City Council. If you trust me with your vote, I pledge to continue to serve as your voice on Council. Together, we can plan and build the best Loveland for the present and for our future. 

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