“Thankfully, Traci Stubenrauch is part of our village.”

Loveland, Ohio – Jamie Hoffmann posted on the Loveland Magazine Facebook page asking, “Can you please post this GoFundMe fund for an amazing 1st grade teacher. She has taken care of our children and now it’s time to take care of her and her family.”

Jack Stubenrauch is in the NICU at Children’s Hospital
Here is the story of Traci Stubenrauch by Jamie Hoffmann

The saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Thankfully, Traci Stubenrauch is part of that village. She is a 1st grade teacher at Loveland Primary School. My daughter was lucky to be placed in her class. She takes care of our kids and we know our kids are not always perfect angels. She has invested so much time and energy into them, now it is our turn to invest in her and help her beautiful family out.

Her son, Jack, was born a few weeks early. While at first everything seemed to be ok. He had some trouble breathing but was expected to go home within a few days. Unfortunately, one day he relapsed in his breathing. They took some tests and they came back abnormal and the few day stay has now become over a month long. From his week long stay in the Special Care Nursery at Bethesda North, transport to Children’s Hospital, ongoing testing, and last 4 plus weeks of his care in the NICU his hospital bills will be piling up. Plus they met with a CARE team that said they will have to meet with numerous specialist and therapist once he goes home. This tough little man has been through so much and we hope he will be able to go home soon to his loving family.

Traci Stubenrauch is an amazing teacher, friend, wife and mother. She cares for all of us especially for her students. Let’s help them enjoy Jack when he is able to come home and not worry about the constant bills coming through. Let’s take care of her as she has taken care of us. Not saying everyone has to donate. If you are unable to, please keep them in your constant thought and prayers, especially Jack. And if you are able to make a contribution, every bit helps. For example if only 300 people donate $20 each, that is $6000! That will totally help out the cost of medical bills. She is like a second mom to her students. Let’s give her an amazing Mother’s Day and kick off this campaign!!!

#ThankATeacher (this hashtag is for GoFundMe teacher appreciation week, in which GoFundMe  will add $100 if a fund is created for a teacher)

[quote_center]Click here and Help pay Jack Stubenrauch’s medical bills[/quote_center]




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