Loveland, Ohio – The City has received a request for a residential development at 128-132 Broadway in Historic Downtown. The proposed project includes the construction of 6-10, attached single family units on the property. The proposal is from Brookstone Homes.

The existing 3-story Wagner building, the former Broadway Hotel, and purportedly, a former Kroger store will be razed. The Wagner building may be the oldest brick building still standing in Loveland. It is reported to be the first brick building to be built in the City.

According to the Cincinnati Business Courier, Dale Eads purchased the 208-year-old building across the street from his Eads Fence and Loveland Hardware for $275,000 early in 2009. The 10,000-square-foot building was completed in 1814. It is adjacent to Loveland Station Apartments and part of the Special Planing District created for the mixed use development of retail and apartments.

The building received special protection when the development agreement was signed with Greiwe Development Group to build Loveland Station. It is unclear how that agreement will be voided.

Brookstone Homes is currently building Parkland Meadows; single-family ranch styles homes at 11716 Lebanon Road next to Symmes Township Park.

The Planning and Zoning Commission moved to set the plan in motion by setting a May 3 public hearing at City Hall at 7 PM. City Manager Dave Kennedy told the Commission that during the public hearing, plans and specifications will be submitted by Brookstone.

Watch this exclusive LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video of the discussion at the Planning and Zoning meeting.




  1. I don’t know, but that building looks pretty questionable structurally if you look at it from the rear. Is it economically repairable – especially in light of the alternative use now in play? I doubt it. I would absolutely love to see that building renovated and glorified, but who’s going to pay for it? I have honestly been expecting this sort of news for a few years based on condition of the building. Sad, but realistic.

  2. I thought I read they were going to make a bed and breakfast/restaurant out of that building. What happened to that idea?

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