by David Miller

David Miller is the Publisher of Loveland Magazine

Loveland, Ohio – On Friday, the Superintendent of the Loveland City School District, Brad Neavin joined me via Zoom for a follow-up discussion about his job so far as the head of the District. ([VIDEO] Interview with Loveland’s new Superintendent of Schools)

On February 8, the day before he officially took the helm, Neavin told Loveland Magazine readers his number one task was to visit or talk to as many people in the community as he could to get check the pulse, a post-autopsy report, of where the community has been and where it hopes it is going. If needed, Neavin hopes a report to the Board will help get the blood pumping again.

We discussed those visits, “coffees” as Neavin describes them, and he has done more than 50.

Neavin said that the schools and all of the Loveland District are alive and well and he is pleased with most of what he has learned so far, very pleased to learn the negative as well as the positive.

We also discussed the status of State testing and why he made a recommendation to the Board to send a letter of support to add the Loveland District to the growing number of districts around the State that mandated testing be suspended for the current school year. (Loveland Board asks for waiver from state testing)

Neavin asked me to be sure to include his Email address in this story because he wants to hear from many more residents of the District: He can be contacted at: or (513) 683-5600

Below is the first interview I did with the Superintendent on February 7.

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