Bradley Pauley charged with Felony assault and is now in custody

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland Police Chief Sean Rahe told Loveland Magazine on Thursday, “We were just contacted by the Clermont County jail approximately an hour ago. They have Mr. Pauly in custody. I do not have any additional information regarding where or when he was located.”   

On April 22, at approximately 2:17 AM a vehicle struck the south side of Zappz bar at 409 Loveland Madeira Road. The driver, and at least one patron were injured. The driver was identified as Bradley Pauley, who was transported from the scene by helicopter for medical care. Andrew Attinger, a patron, was transported by life squad. 

Several witnesses reported the driver was involved in an altercation inside the bar prior to the vehicle striking the building. Loveland Police are trying to verify this information, and other evidence in this case. Rahe said, “Please contact Detective Anthony Pecord at the Loveland Police Department if you have any information about this incident.” The Loveland Police can be reached at 513-583-3000.    

Pauley was charged with felony assault, a felony of the second degree. Pauley could be facing a prison term of 2-8 years and a $20,000 fine. Felonious assault in Ohio means either knowingly causing serious physical harm to another, or using a deadly weapon to knowingly causing physical harm to another. The court can also impose a class two suspension of the offender’s driver’s license if the deadly weapon used in the commission of the violation is a motor vehicle.


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