Mason, Ohio – Hakim Oliver graduated from Loveland High School in 1999. He then graduated from Bowling Green State University and is now an intervention specialist working with Seniors at Mason High School.

Hakim Oliver is married to Alison Oliver

On June 20 two Mason Alumni put on the BLM Mason March starting at Pine Hill Lakes Park in Mason going to the municipal building that drew thousands. The protest march with petition signing and speakers was to, “…stand in solidarity with our Black community members in their struggle for justice.” Their goals were to raise funds to support social justice, racial equality, protesters, and other facets of the Black Lives Matter movement.

After the protest march, Oliver approached leaders at Mason City Hall with the idea of holding community conversations in Mason Community Exposure – Bridging Stories. They accepted and embraced the idea. Oliver said, “This is a collaboration with the City of Mason and I’m looking forward to building relationships.”

Mason has announced the community conversations by saying:

Sponsored by the City of Mason and in partnership with Mr. Hakim Oliver this program is intended to facilitate positive intergroup interaction and discussion recognizing individuals are different from others and how we together create a community.

This four part series includes a panel discussion, public input, engagement and interaction helping increase participants perspective by listening and mentally walking in someone else’s shoes. The program aligns with Mason’s mission for building a culture of wellness in the community by helping elevate morale, respect differences, and give a voice to the community.

Community Exposure – Bridging Stories! participants meet each Wednesday July 15 through August 5 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. at the Mason Municipal Center located at 6000 Mason Montgomery Road.

Space is limited. Register Here!


Oliver has since approached Loveland City Hall for their support of similar community forums.

This video is Oliver’s keynote address:

Here is a video of the BLM Mason protest posted on YouTube by K Jackson.


BLM Mason Demands for Change

Today we stand in solidarity with our Black community members in their struggle for justice. On May 25th, 2020 George Floyd was yet another victim of police brutality against the Black community in America. His death following those of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Nina Pop, and Tony McDade sparked a nationwide demand for racial equality. However, our community has largely stayed silent on such issues despite the international outrage that followed. Times like these are when a community must show its character, and for that reason we have organized a peaceful demonstration to achieve the following:

Goals for protest:

Raise funds to support social justice, racial equality, protestors, and other facets of the Black Lives Matter Movement

Sign petitions to further racial equality and protest safety in America


  1. Demand the establishment of two anonymous tip lines, one for the public to utilize, and another for police officers to release statements of other police officer’s misuse of power to both the police department and a third party group.
  2. Demand the redistribution of Mason Police Department funding towards Police Officer Body Worn Cameras and cultural competency training to make Mason PD a progressive role model
  3. Demand that the City of Mason hold an open meeting designated for People of Color to voice their concerns about safety and racism in our community.