Cassie Mattia is the Associate Editor of Loveland Magazine and lives in Historic Downtown Loveland, Ohio

by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – The City of Loveland is full of lovely people! If you visit the city and simply walk along the Loveland Bike Trail or along the sidewalks as you pass the local businesses you will find that everyone within the community supports and loves one another. Many individual community members, business owners, and local leaders have been recognized for what they have done for the City of Loveland and its people but one person, in particular, has proven time and time again to go above and beyond what is asked of him. That person is Mark Bersani, owner of Loveland Canoe and Kayak.

On October 13th at Loveland’s City Hall Bersani was honored with the Louis G. Rockwood Community Service Award, an award that recognizes the time and accomplishments of volunteers in the City of Loveland.

Bersani was introduced and was given the prestigious award by Mayor Kathy Bailey. Two prominent members of the Loveland community nominated Bersani for the award and read their testimonials during the city hall meeting.

Tim Butler, member of the Loveland City Council and Owner of local business Mile42 Coffee, read his nomination first.

“Mark is a ceaseless advocate for preservation and aesthetics along the Little Miami River.  He is an active and fervent supporter of local businesses,” Butler noted, “Mark is also involved in a project which offers canoeing and kayaking opportunities to inner-city youth. Mark is a true representative of the ‘Think Global/Act Local’ mentality. Mark is always thinking of ways to improve the City.  He is well-deserving of this honor.”

Neil Oury, also a member of the Loveland City Council, delivered his kind testimonial next during the city hall meeting.

“Mark Bersani, owner of Loveland Canoe & Kayak, for his tireless efforts to helping Loveland businesses since 2003 with events and for being involved in the downtown business district,” Oury said, “Mark has mentored many young employees through his summer hiring.  Mark cares about Loveland, the river, and our residents.  His retail store offers canoes & kayaks and accessories along with offering demos, fishing tournaments, and tread shows which brings our community together.”

After Mayor Kathy Bailey awarded Bersani, his wife, and daughter, Bersani got the opportunity to speak about how thankful he was to receive such an honor in the city he loves so much. Bersani explained that he was not only honored but very humbled by the award. He said everything he does is a team effort and that his family has played a big part in his success and volunteering efforts. Bersani said that he loves being apart of a community that supports one another and was sure to thank his wife, daughter, and canoe staff for all their hard work and support especially during the pandemic.

Here at Loveland Magazine, we have always been huge supporters of Mark Bersani, his amazing family, and his legendary business! The Louis G. Rockwood Community Service Award could not have been given to a better Loveland community member! We are so lucky to be apart of a community that recognizes people like Mark for their outstanding efforts in making Loveland that much better to live, work, and have fun in! From the moment I stepped foot into the City of Loveland I knew the Bersani family was special so I decided to write a story about their journey last year! If you would like to read the story click the following link:

Congratulations Mark Bersani! Click below to watch Bersani and his family honored at the October 13th City Hall Meeting with the Louis G. Rockwood Community Service Award!

Cassie Mattia is a Co-Owner of Loveland Magazine. She is the Associate Editor and Director of Marketing.