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[Video] Pay to Play/Participate fee increases and next levy discussed by BOE

Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland School District Board of Education met via Zoom/YouTube on Tuesday, June 2 to revisit the 2020-21 Commitments to the District Vision, the Portrait of a Tiger, the five-year financial forecast, and levy cycle scenarios. They also discussed possible Pay to Play/Participate fee increases.

View the five-year forecast HERE.

During the live District broadcast of the meeting, possible new operating levy scenarios were discussed by the Board and staff, but the documents they were reading from were not available to the public.

The documents can now be view here because of a public record request made by Loveland Magazine.

To view these documents (seen below the video) as a larger image and in a correct visual orientation, you can “Right Click” each to open in a new tab. You can also view the document file here as the .pdf the District provided. Levy Scenarios

Treasurer Kevin Hawley presents the different levy scenarios at the 53:54 minute mark of the video.

Possible Pay to Play/Participate fee increases is discussed at the 30:21 minute mark of the video.


To view the Treasure’s discussion of the Five Year Forecast at the May 28 Board of Education meeting watch the video below.

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