Loveland, Ohio – The overflow crowd spilled into the hallways at City Hall on Tuesday, February 9. The Friends of the Loveland Farmers’ Market called citizens to rally at the council meeting to support the return of the Loveland Farmers’ Market to the Jackson Street Market location in Historic Downtown.

All of the 17 people who took the podium spoke favorably of the market itself, but not all were in favor of it returning to the Jackson Street Market location, or even to Historic Downtown. One current business owner spoke in favor, one cited a negative effect on his bottom line.

City Manager, Dave Kennedy said it was his decision to make, and that he will continue to have discussions with Donna Bednar, the market manager about the permit to operate that has so far, been denied.

Kennedy cited traffic congestion as the reason for not allowing the market to return to Historic Downtown after it took a one-year hiatus to allow for the construction of Loveland Station Apartments. Kennedy recently told Loveland Magazine, “I realize this is difficult because I’m asking the market to move from where it started. It is particularly difficult because when I worked with Donna to move to the bowling alley last year, I had hoped that the market could return to downtown this year.”




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