Loveland, Ohio – On Monday LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV took our camera to the Ramsey-Paxton Cemetery in the White Pillars subdivision where Rob Geiger made an important announcement regarding the on-going restoration project. Geiger is the President of the Ramsey-Paxton Cemetery Association.

In an email to Loveland Magazine Geiger exclaimed, “Look what got installed May 1, 2020!”

Geiger has worked for the last two years to make Loveland’s most significant historical site presentable again. They removed a 20-year old rusty and broken fence, installed a new one, removed dying trees that threatened the new fence and tombstones, attempted a gentle restoration of the 208-year-old tombstones, brought a historical marker that had been in storage to the cemetery, and just this week saw the installation of a historical wrought-iron gate.

History of White Pillars

In this video, you will see Geiger explain how all the work was accomplished and hear about how the community and local businesses pitched-in to accomplish it all.

The cemetery is where Loveland’s “Founding Family” is buried and Rob is a direct ancestor.

In this video clip, Rob Geiger talks about how important the Ramsey-Paxton Cemetery is to Loveland’s heritage.

He also talks about the work the Association still hopes to accomplish as more funds become available.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to help complete the project by sending a check to Geiger Made out to:

Ramsey-Paxton Cemetery Association

C/O Rob Geiger

PO Box 25

Loveland, Ohio 45140.

Listen as Rob Geiger talks about the cultural significance of the Ramsey-Paxton Cemetery to the Greater Loveland Community…


A note From Rob Geiger to the sponsors of the restoration project:

I’d Like to thank:

  • David Miller – Loveland Magazine Media Sponsor
  • City Manager Dave Kennedy and City of Loveland Public Works
  • Kevin Egan – Ramsey Trailside and Paxton’s Grill
  • Steve Max – Loveland Legacy Foundation
  • Ralph Dunnigan and Sandy Russell – Paxton’s Grill
  • John Zielke – Ramsey’s Trailside
  • Gloria Wilson – Loveland Sweet Shop
  • Kevin Malof – Bonds Home Furnishings
  • Bill Re – Bush Re Shea Insurance Agency
  • American Legion Post 256
  • American Legion Auxiliary 256
  • Loveland Museum Center – Jan Beller
  • Paige Craig and Wand Langdon – Clough Valley Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Steve Rainey – Rainey Tree Service
  • Dale Eads and Becky Eads Sands – Eads Fence Company   

Fun Facts

Breakdown of the donations

  • Family of the Ramsey Paxton $6,175
  • Businesses $3,650
  • Fundraising Events (Total 4) $2,456
  • Individual donations $3,531

Total $15,812