Loveland, Ohio – If Scott Gordon’s father had been able to give this year’s Memorial Day address at the Loveland Veterans’ Memorial he would have said, “I do not enjoy Memorial Day. I love birthdays. I love the 4th of July. I love November 10th. I respect Memorial Day.”

Because of a recent illness, Bruce Gordon was unable to give the speech he was invited to deliver so Scott filled in, citing notes his father had written on 3″ X 5″ note cards. Scott himself a former Marine using those notes and his own perspective put the somber day into perspective for the hundreds gathered in the Memorial plaza. Scott said that his father made it perfectly clear to him growing up that Memorial Day was not a happy day for him and that he hated when people would wish him a, “Happy Memorial Day.” Bruce Gordon would tell his son, “Memorial Day is a day of respect, a day of honor.”

This LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video below is Scott Gordon delivering the 2019 Loveland Memorial Day address. Gordon was introduced by David Scott a member of the Loveland Veterans’ Memorial Committee.If you like seeing videos and reading news from our hometown, please consider sending us a New$ Tip. Loveland Magazine is Free to read, but it is not inexpensive to produce. We are depend on readers like you to help sustain us.

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